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Lessons From Donkeys

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This level of membership will give you access to case study training videos with many different donkeys. 
Donkeys for videos will be from my core herd and also from rescue cases I take in to rehome. They may also be donkeys I have been hired to train.

All my donkeys are at different stages of training. Some need more basic skills, some are ready for things like driving or other advanced training. 
Some videos will be on enrichment sessions such as obstacles or walking while training sessions. 
I'll also share my training plans. This can help you create your own training plans with your donkeys.

Twice a month you will get:
  • At least 2 Donkey Training Videos
You will also get:
  • Any PDF guides or training plan examples I create
  • All donkey training course program guides! 
  • 15% off Coupon code to use on anything in my shop, including custom donkey tack and natural donkey care products.

Donkeys and More

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reward item
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With this level, you get what is offered on the first tier. The training videos and any PDF guides I create. You get all the donkey training course guide books. A 15% coupon code to use on donkey tack in the shop.

AND you also get any ebooks on donkeys I release on Amazon you will get for FREE on PDF.

Currently available:
  • Donkey Care Guide
  • Essential Oils for Donkeys
  • Rescue Donkeys
  • Natural Donkey Care: Book 1

In the works now:
  • Natural Donkey Care Book 2 and 3

Future Books planned:
  • Herbal Health Support for Donkeys
  • Driving Donkeys: Training a Driving Donkey from Start to cart

Donkeys In-Depth

Limited (3 remaining)
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per month
In this level, you get what is offered in the other 2 tiers.
  • New Training Videos twice a month
  • All Donkey Training course guide books
  • Any donkey ebooks I publish for Free
  • 15% off coupon code for the DL Shop
  • You also get monthly consultation with this level. 

The consultation can be anything you need help with...
Examples: You can send me a video of your training sessions and I will help you one on one with your donkey. I can help you develop an individual training plan if you would like. I can help you with a feeding plan, training schedule, herbal supplements for health support. I can help you with ideas to set up a donkey living area. 
  • Just contact me through patreon messages
  • Or email [email protected] 
  • You can also text or call 423-400-7046. 
I check emails and messages once a day, every day but Saturday.

I'm on FB  too, but it can be hard to keep up with and I don't always get notifications. 

This option is only offered to a limited number of individuals so I can make sure I have plenty of time to give special attention to each case. 

About Donkey Listener

It is my mission to help people and donkeys live in balance with each other.
This means understanding and communicating with them.

I'm creating resources to help you be successful with your donkey!

I am providing case study training videos, educational PDFs such as training plans, and informative ebooks about donkeys. 
My goal here is I want all donkeys that live in our domestic world to be confident companions, and their caregivers give them the training they need to do so. 

I already have training booklets, PDF training plan examples, and many many training videos available inside my group with more coming every month inside.

I have priced my tiers affordable to everyone. For as little as the cost of a cup of coffee, you can get in on exclusive training videos just about donkeys. Each tier has added benefits.

You will be charged for the month you sign up in and then on the 1st of the month for that months releases. This way you can access everything immediately. 

I wanted to set up a way everyone could afford to learn to train their donkeys.
Websites and video editors cost money so I needed a way to cover my costs in getting the information out there. Patreon funds help rescue donkeys too. By joining you are helping yourself for your own donkey and you are actually helping other donkeys in need!

In addition to this being affordable, you will get to see many different donkeys being trained for different things. Donkeys are all individuals and I have found watching multiple case studies is the most helpful In training and understanding donkeys. You will see many different donkeys and their personalities in my case study training videos.

My earnings go toward the expenses of running my donkey training resources, like the Donkey listener website, video equipment, and editing. 
Any rescue donkey I am able to bring home will be the subject of a case study so everyone can see the progress and so it may go to help others train donkeys. 

I hope you’ll join up, learn about donkeys and then spread the word about how wonderful they are! 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 149 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 149 exclusive posts

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