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About Tantalizing Stories by Donnee Patrese

Hey guys! I’m Donnée Patrese, writer and creator. I am currently working on book number seven and I am looking for some support.

I have great stories, behind the scenes videos, pictures, first drafts of me completing my novels and blogs. I have great reviews on Amazon and positive feedback from blog posts. If you want access to all of my books, present and future, and also get information on how my writing process works…this is the place for you.

Selling books is one thing, but letting you get to know me and my writing is why I am here. I love you guys and want to give you the opportunity to support what I’m doing as well as show you what it’s like to be a full time professional writer. I also want your feedback on my latest project and what changes I can make to my short stories.

The benefits to being a Patreon subscriber with me is you get stories and more stories as well as live readings, new blog posts, updates and access to all of my books. You also get behind the scenes of the novel writing process, first look at my current projects and insight into my day to day life as an author and mom.

My goal right now is to complete my new novels that are set to be out this year. I also want to expand my readership and impact people through my writing in a way they have never been impacted before. Please help me accomplish my goal through your support of my projects.
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When I reach $750 per month, I'll let 1 patron a month give me an idea for a story and I will write it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts

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