Donn King is creating confidence for Raconteurs in print and out loud!

Behind The Scenes

$2 /mo
Welcome! Truly! With this base level of support, you get immediate access to my patron-only activity feed, where we'll talk about the process I use for creating written material and presentations. ...

Looking over my shoulder

$5 /mo
Do you want to see how the sausage is made? Patrons at this level will have access to my early drafts on longer works. I already have a few books on Amazon, and with time to write I will produce mo...

Monthly Q&A

$10 /mo
Have a question about writing or speaking? If you support at this level, you can submit questions through a form linked through a post only visible to Patrons at this level and up. I will answer in...

Name In The Credits

$20 /mo
As a Patron, you'll be recognized for making my work possible. Your name will be listed in the Patrons Credits on my next book, and as long as you stick with me, your name will appear in a Patron's...

50 for 50

$50 /mo
I will be creating online courses to further your education in effective communication. Patrons who support at this level for at least six months will get a 50% discount off these courses. Once a c...

Personalized Poem

$100 /mo
I'll write a poem, just for you. I can't guarantee it will be good, but we will talk about what you would like it to be about, and I'll do my best. Guaranteed: no one else in the world will have on...

Let's eat!

$250 /mo
You must really like me! So let's get together for lunch! That is, if you're within a day's drive of Knoxville, TN. If you're further away than that, we'll have virtual lunch--you on your side of t...

Road trip!

$500 /mo
Support me at this level for six months, and I will come conduct a day-long workshop for a group of your choice for just travel expenses. This would be a win for both of us! There would have to be ...