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If you would like to support me in other ways, the best thing you can do is to grab a copy of any of my books through Amazon or your library for yourself or a friend.


While you can get all the behind-the-scenes updates simply by following, if you pledge the minimum of $1, you'll get to join the ZomBean horde!

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Help keep Studio Moonfall making monsters by signing up to receive a new coloring book illustrated by Donovan Scherer EVERY MONTH!
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Here's some of what we've got coming up that you can help bring to life:
A Coloring Book of Weird Ideas
The Walking Beans
• Creature of the Week Volume Two
• Something something Goblins
• Color of Madness Volume Two
• A Super Secret Kenosha Coloring Book Project
• Something something Zombies
• The Cult of Cryptids
• and a bunch more

In the event that I fall behind on producing a new coloring book each month, you can have your choice of BOTH one of the already released books PLUS one of the many, many journals that I've designed. You can see all that cool stuff on the Studio Moonfall Amazon Shop

*You'll begin receiving coloring books at the start of the month after you sign up. So, if you sign up at some point in April, you'd get your first book in May.
However, since you'd have to wait around, your first coloring book will also include a bonus journal from my Creatures of Legends or Spirit Animal Journals. Go ahead and take your pick from here - - and I'll send it along with your first coloring book!




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Don't you wish you had a place where all your weirdest ideas could come to life?

I'm Donovan Scherer, author and illustrator of the Fear & Sunshine series (a story of monsters, mad science, and a little hippie girl) as well as a handful of other things. If you're looking for all-ages adventures in horror, fantasy, and science fiction, I'm here to help.

But all these imaginary misfits need somewhere to live.

Since first self-publishing my work in 2009, I've been taking my stories around the midwest to comic conventions and art fairs, as well as dillydallying around with sharing the books and illustrations online. Now, I need something to sink my teeth into.

Located in downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin, the Studio Moonfall workshop is a place for my stories to live between live events on the road and for people to stop by and see how it's all brought to life.

For now, this Patreon will be a way for you to come along on the ride of building a publishing workshop from an idea to whatever it becomes down the line. If you've ever wanted to create a place for your own ideas to live and would like to see how someone else attempts to do it (with all the mistakes and hopefully flashes of brilliance along the way), here you go.

Sign up and come along my adventures in art and madness!

If you'd like to check out my books, those and more can be found on the Studio Moonfall Amazon shop.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 90 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 90 exclusive posts

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