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About DontBaguMe

Hello, and thanks for visiting my support page!

My first mod project was creating a randomizer for the SNES game Illusion of Gaia.  It was (and continues to be) a passion project through which I learned so much and had so much fun -- so much so, that I became open to modding other games as well.  If you'd like to see me spend more of my time modding and randomizing games (or if you have suggestions for games you'd like to see modded), feel welcome to lend your support!

I have a variety of other creative interests as well, which I may share with my patrons.  I am an aspiring writer, and I'm currently working on a series of fantasy novels.  I am also working on a core mechanic system for tabletop RPGs, so that might find its way here as well.

Thanks again for coming to check out what I do!