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Simply put? For those that enjoyed DT/KC/Mish over the years and want to support their work this is your home! And in return, you get a TON of exclusive Patreon content for your entertainment pleasure. Your commitment to everyone here over the years is the reason why this Patreon channel still exists. And we truly thank you.

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A Message From Don Tony.....

Some brief history. Ive been podcasting since 2005. And prior to '05, I hosted one of the most popular pro wrestling hotlines from 1999 to 2004. In 2000, I launched that is still going today. And during that span of over 17 years, the hotline, podcasts, and website were free for everyone.

The success of 'The Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show' and 'Breakfast With Blasi' has now come with an expensive price. When you go from a few hundred listeners in 2005 to hundreds of thousands today, expenses have increased substantially.

The expense of hosting and streaming the shows and site, servers & equipment, paying taxes (yes we have to pay IRS), insurance and more are quite high.

I had suggested going subscription based. Pay a few $$$ monthly for access to the shows. And despite giving everything for free for 17+ years, subscription based was met with overwhelming negativity. Many said that paying anything for the shows was out of bounds due to their personal expenses (Rent, food, utilities, insurance, car payment, family, etc). I totally respect that because I myself endure those very same bills. However many of those very same listeners felt it was OK for me to keep shelling out hundreds of dollars a month out of my own pocket despite having the same personal expenses as them. So after trying to avoid subscription based for everyone, or worse - canceling the shows, another option became available - Patreon.

Enter Patreon, and enter a very select group of supporters of our shows who really wanted to step up, give back, and contribute.
That is why we launched this Patreon Page.

Now being here almost four months, I see that less than 1/2 of 1% of our listening audience have stepped up and joined our Patreon page. Your generosity and support here on Patreon is very special to us. It will never go ignored. And to show our appreciation to you, we have launched new content, podcasts and cool giveaways that are available EXCLUSIVE to you our Patreon family. Plus we will be hosting monthly 'call-in' shows. I am constantly thinking of ways to make this page and the exclusive content to you even bigger and better.

For those that are subscribing to the new Patreon Only shows, I hope you enjoy them as much as we have recording them. Each week a new episode airs. The current schedule is to have 'The Castle Chronicles' air new episodes every 1st and 3rd week of each month. 'The Idearbox' will air new episodes every 2nd and 4th week of each month. If you subscribe to the shows, you get access to every episode that has taped to date. In addition, by popular demand, we are posting exclusively here on Patreon, Retro Masked Maniac episodes as well as Retro Blackhearts Hotline reports that go back 15+ years.  And we'll continue monthly giveaways for our entire Patron family to win some cool stuff.

Whether its $1, $5, $10 etc, everyone's pledges help and is very much appreciated. Please, never feel embarassed if you can only contribute a $1 or $2. You'd be surprised how far that goes when many of our listeners do the same.

I am really excited to see how big we can make our Patreon family grow.

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