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About Donwill's Open Studio

Hi, I’m Donwill. I do a lot of stuff and you may know me from one or more of those things.

I am a member of Tanya Morgan, I host a podcast called Book of Rhymes, I DJ and perform at comedy shows (Butterboy w/ Maeve Higgins, Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone, Shouting at The Screen w/ Wyatt Cenac) and parties (SZN SLT) and I produce music that has appeared in podcasts (Slow Burn Season 3, Adulting w/ Michelle Buteau & Jordan Carlos, Another Round w Tracy Clayton & Heben Negatu, Thirst Aid Kit w/ Nichole Perkins & Bim Adeduwunmi) and TV shows (I was the Music Consultant for Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas and I did the Donald Drumpf song for Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver). 

Give me a second to pick up all those names I just dropped... *rimshot*

Many years ago I had a blog that I started at Blogspot before moving to Wordpress called MC Dayjob that was all about how I wanted to make doing music a full time job. I had no idea what a career in music looked like then (honestly, I’m still figuring things out) and even though I am mostly a full time musician now, I think about those old sites a lot. Once social media became a thing (and in turn songs, videos, essays, etc. became ‘content’) the need to feed the beast in hopes of reaching a wider audience dulled my senses to the need to feed my small close knit community. I miss the sense of community and accountability that it fostered for me. It was a space where my creative energy could truly run free and my ideas didn't have a character limit or algorithm deeming one more important than the other.

Which brings us here…

I’m starting this Patreon to fill that void. I would like to open my heart, mind and studio up to you again. I’ve got tons of demos, secret albums, unreleased beats, sketches, jokes, visual art and other creative works just laying around that I am dying to share. Let's just consider this place as a virtual open studio where you guys can check I’m on all the ongoings I’ve got going on and we can even make some art together!

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