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About Doodlepeople (Alyce Wood)

Hi! My name is Alyce and I'm your angry neighbourhood feminist and the creator behind the brand Doodlepeople!
I make feminist, LGBTQIA+, body positive, social justice and mental health/chronic/invisible illness awareness badges, patches, artwork, jewellery and accessories. I do this on my own from my home in Leeds where my husband is being gradually crushed into a corner by all my supplies, packaging and stock.
I'm a one woman show so feel free to take a moment to be slightly impressed (if you aren't, that's okay too, there are people running businesses who also have kids and that's pretty darn magical)

Doodlepeople started as a little side project while I was studying at university and in the past two years, it has become my full time job and Doodlepeople is my main full time venture. I also have two others; through AlyceWoodArtist I sell abstract and traditional art, and through MoonHammer I sell modern minimalist jewellery. I'm a very busy woman.
I love my job and I want to continue doing it forever. Selling my accessories, artwork and jewellery is the thing I love to do the most but it's getting pretty difficult to do it on my own. My ultimate goal is to be able to employ my husband and for us to both support ourselves running my business(es).

So that's why I want to do this.
I'd really love to be able to employ my husband and I thought that offering a unique, behind the scenes insight into running a small business would be pretty interesting. I often have people asking me questions about how I run my business, my processes, time management (ahahahahahaha like I have good time management skills) and work life balance (AHAHAHAHAHA that's hilarious).
I'd love to do that here in the form of extra blogs (I'll still post to my regular blog on my website!), posts, photos and videos (I'd like to start doing YouTube again and I'll be releasing those videos to everyone, but I'd like to do extra vlogs here and maybe do pre-releases of videos or extra behind the scenes videos for you loves).
There may be more donation tiers added later but for now, I think that one tier at $1 per month (though you can always opt to donate more) would be suitable to access extra behind the scenes bits and I may also ask for your help deciding what to put here (what processes do you want to know about, do you want a little day-in-the-life insight, etc.).

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This would put me in a great position regarding the family finances of me and my husband and would mean that we could seriously look at making Doodlepeople a full time gig for the both of us.
This would also be an absolute dream come true.
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