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. A friendly, doodle shout-out, from my sketchbook to you! This will be viewable on Patreon and across Instagram.


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. Doodletour Stickers! You will recieve a pack of 5 character stickers. These include characters drawn on top of floating platforms ( like in video games) Some of the characters will be without platforms; allowing you to customize your own scene.

.A  monthly Doodletour sticker scene! These are A5 sized and include many, many drawn characters interacting with each other.

. A comic strip! (4 panel, black a white) to accompany your sticker set.

. 25% off all Doodletour merchandise from my Etsy and Redbubble shop!




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About Doodletour

Hello my name is Stuart, I am an artist. I have been creating imagery since 2009. My voice and ideas stem from my sketchbooks. I am currently working upon transferring the characters and insignia from my sketchbooks onto other mediums. If you could help with this process, then  I could certainly help to make your world a more colourful and imaginative one.
If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at:
[email protected]
Thank you.

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