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About Dicktor Van Doomcock

Welcome to Doomcock's Lair!  Here you will find the strange and twisted ramblings of Dicktor Van Doomcock, Supervillain and Pop Culture Critic!  Securely hidden at the primitive world situated at the Earth's core, Doomcock's Lair is the place for pop culture reviews, weird comedy, twisted humor, strange art and bizarre comics!  Take a look at the donation levels, and please consider donating to Doomcock!  Your monthly pledge of a few bucks will keep Doomcock going, and allow him to pursue his goals of Total Global Domination via Giant Robot Armies and devastating pop culture reviews!

All content posted on "Doomcock's Lair" is (C) Copyright 2017-2019 Dicktor Van Doomcock. "Doomcock" and "Harvey Cthuhlu" are trademarks of Dicktor Van Doomcock. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks and copyrights associated with reviewed materials belong to their respective rights holders and no infringement is intended, said materials being presented solely for review purposes in keeping with fair use principles.
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PHASE 3 - WORLD DOMINATION!  At this level of funding, there will no longer be any further impediment to Doomcock's plans for Global Domination!  He will funnel vast sums into the creation of his Giant Robot Army, R&D for his Giant Insect Army, the creation of extradimensional portals looking for Weird Alien Armies sympathetic to his cause...also, some decent scotch will be purchased, single malt, none of that blended s*&^!  Once I hit this mark, Doomcock shall rule, along with all of you as his trusted governors!
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