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About faniell

Hello everyone, I am Faniell and I create a visual novel for girls. In my otome, you will become a member of the commanding crew and go on a journey on the intergalactic ship "Herald".

Game features:
  • 5 characters with whom you can start a relationship
  • Intriguing story about time travel
  • Colorful graphics (I'll try! :))
  • Versions for pc and android
And, of course, a few hours of an exciting novel about love, space, betrayal and relationships, where you will become the central hero.

So, your name is Delphine, you grew up on Earth, but always dreamed of conquering space. And now, after several difficult years in the Space Academy, you finally got one step closer to your dream! On one of the missions you found something unusual that turned upside down the entire crew’s stay on the ship.
Meet Aiden, a medic on the ship, or try to please Antares, your commander. And don't forget Hellen the most popular warrior in your galaxy! I hope his brother Edem will not be very jealous of you? In any case, you can always find comfort in the arms of Tayles, the silent half-blood alien.

Estimated release date: 2019. And, hey, development news will appear every week!
Platforms: PC, Android
Languages: English and Russian
Age limit: 16+

Ready to fly?

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