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We get alot of messages from people who say they miss our posts on Social Media... Here on Patreon you will have access to our community posts which means you will be the first to get any news, first dibs and sneak peaks on Birdy's Paintings, upcoming projects, ideas, podcasts and videos, and first in the line to anything we make. You will also receive our ever lasting Faaanks!!!
EP Every two Months
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This year Doozer has been recording with his friend Sam Duckworth AKA Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly.

Doozer is currently working on a new album and this is your chance to be a part of that creative process. Every two months you will get a new EP.... This is all part of the build up to the new album of which you will be helping to choose the tracks for once you've listened to all of the EP's.

The EPs will be a digital download with downloadable artwork to DIY make your own folded paper case for. We will provide written and video instructions for this process.

You will also receive full benefits of the previous Tier.

Artwork Every Two Months
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In synchronicity to the previous Tier which is an EP every Two months, The Famous Artist Birdy Rose will provide you will your own high resolution copy of the latest print she has made in relation to Doozer McDooze's new EP releases. These tiers should alternate so that if you have subscribed to $6 per month you will receive Artwork one month, and then an EP the next, ongoing until the album is ready.

You will be able to print off this high resolution piece of art from your own home for your own personal use, you will be politely required not to sell or reprint this for marketing purposes as we trust you with our creations.

You will also have full access to the benefits of the previous tiers.




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The DoozerBird Project is a creative home for the works, creations, and random ideas of The Famous Artist Birdy Rose, and Doozer McDooze. We want you to be a part of our creative process, get first sneak peaks at demos and drafts for artwork and upcoming gigs. We want you to help choose tracks for EP's, Albums and help choose designs for merch and to be a part of our team going forwards. Your subscription will help subsidize us in taking steps to create something amazing out of the careers we're carving for ourselves that will last forever and can be enjoyed by everybody.
For those of you who may be new here, for almost five years now we have lived on the road touring in our van. We have traveled across the UK, Europe and USA since the start of our journey. Initially when we set off in our van it wasn’t an act of rebellion or to be trendy, it was purely an act of survival. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing in the beginning, we were just saying yes to everything and hoping that we don’t end up in a ditch, bankrupt and ashamed. Now, just over four years later, we are living in our second van which we part crowdfunded for last year, using #VANLIFE T-Shirts to pay for the conversion which we did ourselves, with the help of our genius friend Ell-Weld-Fox. This year Doozer is currently recording a new album with an old friend, Sam Duckworth (Get Cape, Wear Cape Fly), it was actually his suggestion that we set up a Patreon account for this project, and other projects in the future as we are both prolific and avid workers with our creative endeavours and we both love to work together artistically and enjoy sharing whatever we’re making next with everyone who knows us, believes in us, and supports us.
If you want to follow us on our journey and get to know more about us, as well as get first dibs and sneak peaks on current projects please support us by subscribing to our Patreon.

Doozer McDooze
“The underground festival hero Doozer McDooze” - UK Festival Guides

“Doozer McDooze wears his heart on his sleeve, places his tongue in his cheek and opens his emotions to the listener. Doozer’s Essex origins mean comparisons with Billy Bragg are inevitable. Thrumming his guitar with a rhythmic energy that demonstrates little concern for the guitar’s safety and total commitment to the music; Doozer McDooze reveals the fragility at the heart of his world view. There is an impressible energy on Not Going Back To That: direct, open and in your face.” - RnR Magazine

The Famous Artist Birdy Rose
I was blessed with an average childhood, left school at the awkward age of sixteen, cursed with less than average qualifications and then haggled my way into a rather beige college. I chose to study Fine Art, in which I had shown definite potential. I then fashionably retired from the course several months later, diagnosing myself as suffering excruciatingly from a premature mid-life crisis... An event not to be interpreted daintily. None of this is really important. The important bit is that I eventually became The Famous Artist Birdy Rose. It didn't happen overnight. I wasn't bitten by a spider and I don't have a superhero outfit.
Ever since then I have become madly obsessed with my work. My aim is to invite others to join in on my obsession. This will be a real life Arty Folie `a deux (that's a posh word for shared mental illness, I googled it) and if I get enough people in on it I can buy a Famous Artist outfit from TopShop and fight crimes against the Arts through doodles and paintings all over the internet.
$90.79 of $200 per month
For $200 a month we have always got a full tank of fuel.
You lot are ace.

Our goal is to be able to spend more time producing amazing stuff , to be better and do better, quality over quantity. Knowing that we have one less worry helps.

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