is creating Linux how-to's, as well as software and Distro reviews.
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About DorianDotSlash

Hi, I'm Dorian. I run a YouTube Channel called DorianDotSlash dedicated to Linux how-to’s, tips and distro reviews. You can find it here on YouTube:

My goal here as a creator is to deliver content for people who are new to Linux, as well as current users who want to learn more or customize their systems. I'm also looking to improve my setup to help make me more productive. Things like a new microphone, a decent camera, and hopefully a dedicated system for video rendering.  If you look at my channel's videos, I've been steadily increasing my content output, and this, of course, takes time to plan, record, edit and render.

As a regular guy with a family and full-time job, I'm hoping that some extra support can help me dedicate more time to creating quality content on a regular basis. 

Thank you for your support!
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First Goal : Pro YouTuber setup!
I'm spending some money trying to set up a better space for myself which will be strictly for YouTube videos. This will help speed up the process of recording and editing. Setting up in my office every time slows me down since my wife and I use it for our jobs as well. I need to setup a 2nd space, with a desk, better microphone, some sound deadening panels to reduce echo, a mic stand, and some extra equipment for all my computers. I also need a video capture device and a decent camera. Having a proper setup will make me more efficient and help me produce higher quality content! I've already upgraded my home network, bought extra screens, bought 2 different microphones so far, and bought a NAS to store all my ISO's and video files, all at my expense. Some community-backed support will really help my channel shine!
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