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About Doris V. Sutherland

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I regularly write articles about fiction in a range of different media and genres; my speciality topics being horror, fantasy, science fiction, comics and animation. My writing has been published by Women Write About Comics, Ms En Scene, BookmarkedAmazing Stories and Belladonna Magazine. Most of these are non-paying outlets, hence why Patreon donations would come in useful.

Some of my current projects...

Amazing Histories: An issue-by-issue retrospective of Amazing Stories, the first dedicated science fiction magazine, from April 1926 onwards.

Werewolf Wednesday: A weekly column on werewolves in film and literature.

Some of my upcoming projects...

Monster Hunters, Dinosaur Lovers: A book examining the fiction caught up in the dispute surrounding the Hugo Awards and the Sad Puppies campaign, with an eye on how speculative fiction and online culture wars reflect one another. Sample chapters are currently being added for Patreon subscribers.

The Paperback Pit: A vlog series that'll review vintage paperback horror novels, ranging from big-name authors to obscurities I picked up at charity shops.

Weird Tales Series: I hope to someday complement my Amazing Stories retrospective with an issue-by-issue blog series on Weird Tales.

Women in British Animation: A series of articles celebrating women animators in the United Kingdom, with a general emphasis on the boom in feminist animation that existed from around the late seventies to the mid-nineties. (Started, but currently on hiatus)

My past articles include, but are not limited to...<be>
Nosferatu's Kindred: An 11-part, 22,000-word series exploring the history of German vampire literature.

Remembering Charlee Jacob: A series of posts celebrating the life and work of extreme horror author Charlee Jacob (1952-2019). At 45,500 words this is, I believe, the largest body of critical writing on the topic.

Vampires on the Margins: A three-part series on lesser-known vampire stories of the nineteemth century. Total wordcount: 9,300.

The Vampyre's Legacy: A twelve-part series that celebrates the 200th anniversary of Dr. John Polidori's seminal short story "The Vampyre" by.examining the history of vampire fiction and the influence of Polidori's story on later works. Total wordcount: 35,500.

Poltergeist Girls: An in-depth look at fictionalised portrayals of poltergeist phenomena and demonic possession, such as The Exorcist and The Conjuring 2, in relation to the allegedly true incidents that inspired them. Total wordcount: 11,000.

Jack Ketchum on Film: A six-part series examining film adaptations of Jack Ketchum's novels and short stories. Total wordcount: 8,000.

Racism and the Far-Right in British Horror: A three-part article on racial stereotypes and portrayals of far-right politics in British horror fiction from authors on different parts of the political spectrum. Total wordcount: 9,500.

The Life and Times of Countess Zaleska, Dracula's Daughter: A three-part series discussing the title character of the 1936 film Dracula's Daughter, ranging from her official inspiration in a Bram Stoker short story to her more recent appearances on screen and in print. Total wordcount: 8,000.

Splatterpunk Award reviews: Since the award's inception in 2018, I've made a point of reviewing each and every story and book up for KillerCon Austin's Splatterpunk Awards. Most recently,  I covered the 2021 awards in a series of posts with a total wordcount of 37,000.

Hugo Award reviews: Every year I review the novels and short fiction contending for the Hugo Awards, with coverage dating back to the 2014 finalists.  Most recently I reviewed the 2021 finalists across a series of posts with a total of 26,000 words.

Articles about horror: As well as the above series, I've written a number of shorter pieces about the horror genre. These include  Varney the Vampire, a Penny Dreadful Pioneer, looking at the Victorian penny dreadful Varney the Vampire and its place in the vampire genre; Giving Cthulhu 40 Whacks, an analysis of Cherie Priest's Borden Dispatches novels; Alison Littlewood: Folk Horror and Fairy Lore, examining how The Hidden People and Alison Littlewood's other folk horror stories draw upon fairy beliefs; Before Lugosi: Vampires of the Silent Screen, where I talk about how early film vampires differ from later, more stereotyped interpretations; Between Lugosi and Lee: Forgotten Vampires of Film, where I continue my survey of vintage vampire cinema; A. Merritt on Screen, about the film adaptations of Abraham Merritt's novels Seven Footprints to Satan and Burn, Witch, Burn!Horror for the Net: The Evolution of Creepypasta, where I argue that online creepypasta stories are digital heirs to spooky campfire tales; and Dracula’s Forgotten Sister: Florence Marryat and The Blood of the Vampire, about a little-known vampire novel from 1897.
On fantasy: Weary of Being a Woman: Dark Agnes — from Pulp to Comics
Money from this Patreon would be a tremendous help. Increased financial security, plus the means to purchase more weird and wonderful books and DVDs to discuss, will make it that much easier for me to write these articles.
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I hope to someday launch a sister series to my Amazing Stories articles, examining the horror/fantasy magazine Weird Tales. This amount of money would cover necessary research materials on a month-to-month basis.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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