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About Dottz Gaming

I have started using Ko-fi more than Patreon nowadays. Feel free to support me on there; click here to signup!

Thanks for visiting my Patreon!
My name is Dottz Gaming, and I am a Twitch, Discord & YouTube partner, content creator and streamer. Your support here on Patreon is greatly appreciated and helps support me, my website and my channels, as this is my full time job! If you have any questions about how this works, please take a look at the Patreon FAQ.  One thing I do want to note though is how you'll be charged from Patreon: you will be charged upon sign up, and then on the 1st of every month, and it usually takes about 72 hours for the payment to process.  You will then receive an email that will tell you if your payment was successfully processed or declined.

Who am I?  My YouTube channel’s journey started as a World of Warcraft PvP channel in June of 2014, and I made montage videos of myself playing arena on various different classes. At the end of 2016, I decided to call it quits though and was searching for a new game. Unsure of what game to play or what to do with my channel that had only a little over 2k subscribers at the time, I ended up deciding to play the Elder Scrolls Online in January 2017. When I first started ESO, I decided to make beginner content; my line of reasoning was that since I was a beginner, I’ll just teach people things as I learn them. Little did I know that this one decision would be what ignited the rapid growth of my YouTube & Twitch channels. While being an ESO creator, I had the amazing opportunity to play and collaborate with other ESO content-creators, become a supported streamer by Zenimax Online Studios, be featured on ZOS’s community guides page regularly, visit ZOS headquarters and so much more! In the summer of 2020, I decided to change things up and return to World of Warcraft with the goal of pursuing the creation of beginner guides and PvP gameplay content for the game. With 2021, I turned to more of a general MMO focus, looking to cover multiple games and help people learn about them!

Why should I pledge? Patreon is a great way to support me directly if you want to go above and beyond just watching the videos, streams and using my website.  A pledge here on Patreon gives you greater interaction with me as a creator, a behind-the-scenes look into what I do, as well as direct influence and input on my content! Patreon pledges also help give me some income consistency, as we all know that YouTube regularly has issues and Twitch subs come and go, so a pledge here helps me make sure I can continue bringing you guys great gaming content!

Should I be a Patron, YT Member or a Twitch Subscriber?  Twitch Subscriptions and YT membership are alternatives to Patreon to support the channel monetarily monthly.  Patrons earn rewards such as being given a special rank in discord, a greater access to me and a behind-the-scenes look into my creative process, as well as the other perks listed in the various tiers.  YouTube Members get similar perks, but only equivalent perks of the first 4 patreon tiers (they also get badges next to their name in the YT comment section). If you subscribe on Twitch, you will unlock for you custom emotes, a badge next to your name in stream chat, a special rank in discord and a ton of other perks relating specifically to my Twitch stream.  All three forms of support are greatly appreciated but never required. If you decide that being a Twitch Subscriber is more of what you're looking for, you can click here, and for YouTube membership, click here

Patreon Hall of Fame
These current and past patrons are recognized for their incredible amounts of support, and are people who have allowed me to continue to do what I do with Dottz Gaming through that support!
  • Nico Hunter
  • Wispsilver
  • NinetyTwo
  • VoidGazerXIII
  • Wastelandexplorer1
  • Zoob
14 of 50 patrons
Content creation is my full-time job, and as we all know, YouTube/Twitch Revenue can be very sporadic. Reaching this goal would help grant me some added income-security,allow me to dedicate more time to and add more features to the various Patreon tiers! 
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