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I'm Double Bass Dan. I play and create music for people of all ages, usually singing whilst playing my double bass, and very often dancing around it! ;D

I'm currently working on recording my original music so I can share it to the world.
My aim is to do this as sustainably as possible, and I'm looking forward to bringing together creative ways in which to do this, and share the music I make with you.
In this age of digital connections, where it is no longer necessary to print up CDs or other physical copies, I will also be aiming to make all releases free to download with an option to 'pay what you can afford'.

As a Patreon, the main 'gifts' I will be giving you (to begin with at least) will be:

1) To support someone who will endeavour to bring you a diverse selection of original, quality, meaningful music by sustainable and innovative means.

2) You will have the joy of knowing that by supporting me, you will be enabling the fruits of these projects to reach anyone, no matter what their income or situation.

You will also be kept informed of all forthcoming releases, with the opportunity to pre-order, and I will be dreaming up more fun and heart-warming ways in which to show my heartfelt thanks for supporting me.

Support me on Patreon and I will endeavour to make the music so great, it will be priceless ;D

Material I am currently working on recording is:

A selection of kids/family focused material with quality original music, fun and learning at the core, often written through the eyes of a child, and inspired by real life experiences as parents (my partner Michellin, also writes songs and joins me performing). For an idea of themes covered, here are some titles of tracks (Lots of which are already popular requests at the weekly, open-air live acoustic early years session 'Family Fridays' I run at stunning Dalston Curve Garden) that are complete and already in the process of being recorded:

I Like Cooking Sweet Potato With My Mama
My Red Red Scooter
Mummy and Daddy Took My Splinter Out
We're Swimming
Jump Jump Jiggle
Gimme a Hi-Five, Fist Bump, Head-Nod, Handshake
Splish Splash Splosh
When I Went Down To The Garden
Oumas Kisses

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