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Hi, there! I’m Alice Rae, a huge nerd and aspiring traffic engineer and civil surveyor from Columbus, Ohio. If you’ve found my page, odds are you're a fan of my photography! I run a site called Double Horse that showcases over a decade’s worth of my work. I focus mainly on what one might describe as “the mundane”, with a particular focus on retail and infrastructure—ever since my teen years, I’ve made it my goal to document that which we take for granted so we can see how the world has changed around us.

I also plan to launch a blog, coming in the summer of 2019, focusing on children's literature and nerd culture. I’ll post more details here and on Double Horse as details become available.

Finally, I have a YouTube channel, where, in keeping with the theme of documenting the mundane, I post short dash cam clips from my daily commute. Not the most interesting stuff, but I felt it was worth a mention.

If you actually end up liking my stuff enough to give me money, that's super cool! Your support will help me improve my work and ensure that I can keep documenting the world we live in today so we can remember it tomorrow.

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