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DWB Support level 1

$1 /mo
-With this you will be supporting us so we can create more comics. Every bit counts!

DWB Support level 2

$5 /mo
-For this level of support you'll get a small version of your own character displayed on our main page as part of the DBW SUPPORT for as long as you are our patron!

 (OCs will be add...


DWB Support level 3

$10 /mo
- A small version of your OC on our main page AND in every comic we release!

-Your OC gets background cameos and a chance for a minor role in our O-Series

-A month...


DWB Support level 4

$15 /mo
-Up to three OC's in DWB SUPPORT on our comics.

-OC background cameos and a higher chance of a minor role in our O-Series.

- A monthly sketch, featuring whichever ...


DWB Support level 5

$25 /mo
-All of the above.

-A MAIN CHARACTER slot in our O series.  This means that your character will take an important part in this story, while also getting a proper introduction storywi...