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Cerulean tier gives you access to all of my sketches, traditional art, and digital art that I haven't posted anywhere else! You'll also get to see some little sneak peek animated gifs of my animations from videos I'm working on but also haven't posted yet.


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Chartreuse tier gives you access to my WIPs of bigger art projects that I've never posted, as well as all of my sketches, traditional art, and digital art. You'll also get to see the full video WIPs of my animations I'm working on. You'll also get a custom chibi sticker of your character every month from me!


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Cerise tier gives you access to all of my art, animation WIPs, my flipnote animations, and you'll get your choice of a fullbody drawing of your character from me or an animation sketch every month. You'll also  early access to my adoptable designs before I post them anywhere else, with a 50% discount!




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Welcome!!! I'm an 18-year-old freelance artist making colorful art and animations that make your eyes happy. I'm a freshman Visual Arts major and I'm constantly drawing, which I hope to one day integrate into a full-time profession. But for now, I've just been making art that I love for free for my followers to enjoy, and I've been doing it for over 8 years of my life. 
What do I create/Why I create art
My art is something that I put my soul into, and I want it to be something that inspires feelings in you, or just something for you to relate to. I mainly draw animals, my characters, furries, and brightly colored/surreal emotional work. I also like to draw scenes from beautiful places I've been or just places that are special to me and experiences that I've had that have changed me. 
My goal with sharing my work is to connect with my viewers and make people be more curious about the ways that they can view the world, or just make people think. 

What I have to offer you!
By supporting me, you'll get to see more of my creations, including drawings, comics, and animations that I haven't uploaded anywhere else, or that I'm still working on! Sometimes I do sculptures as well, but mostly it'll be my digital and traditional art, and occasionally I'll share some of my brush settings and some tutorials. Those who pledge a little more will also get monthly chibis of their characters! I appreciate every single one of you and I look forward to sharing my passion with you! <3
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When I reach 15, I'll start a raffle to pick 3 characters of yours for an animation!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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