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About The Mind of Douglas

Douglas is a man of many hats, and this does not just refer to his vast collection of gentleman's head-wear.

But first and foremost: He is a geek.

He performs with a sense of irreverence and soul felt sentimentality. With a sound like Gordon Lightfoot and Frank Zappa jamming at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, he can move seamlessly from a melodic folk ballad, to an anime rock anthem. His own songs take you on a mad fantastical journey visiting times long gone, and times yet to come, often going where no bard has gone before.

He is working on a novel which can best be described as steampunk Redwall, and will be publishing "The Adventures of Gentleman Johnny", a space-pirate serial online.

Finally, aside from live-casts from his shows, he will also be posting weekly live videos with music, and ... well who knows what else.

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