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dovapro HOODIE

It is a five-of-a-kind.  Art work is from  My printer is Ross (at (For 10K, I will make a one-of-a-kind, hoodless dovapro SWEATSHIRT.  In the case of the hoodless sweatshirt, I will never make another such sweatshirt.  Never.  And I'll tell you the story of my favorite hoodless sweatshirt , which I got from the Friends of the SF Public Library.)
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Truck Stop (7 PIECE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW in your honor)

A full 7-piece photography show will cost about $6K to make with my printer Jay (at in Tampa) and about $2K to ship back and forth to New York or California. Here are all the pieces:  I will give you any single piece you'd like and never produce another copy of that work without your permission. 3 means NYC, LAX, and SFO.




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About dovapro

I film make at is a video newsmagazine.  I hold a day job; to learn more about that see is the mother-site for my blog: ties the content together. is my open-ed blog.

I put out as much quality content as possible.  
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