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This is a general donation tier for those who just want to support what I do in small ways. This tier gains you access to most of my content.

This includes:

  • Weekly Round-ups. These are generally the only public posts I do.
  • Monthly Short Stories/Poetry. While the milestone is reached, I'll share a short story or poem on Patreon every month.
  • Let's Read Academics review. A weekly review of the paper I've read that week.
  • Vlogs/Podcasts. Want to hear me ramble about what I've been watching? Give my general thoughts on ace/aro things? Hear me a song? Now you can!
  • Let's Plays. Want to watch me play a game instead? I do those too!
  • Extra fiction. When available (sadly, I'm slow), you'll also have access to extra short stories, deleted scenes or poetry.
  • My everlasting gratitude. Thank you so, so much for liking my work or me as much as you do! You're a star! <3

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This includes:
  • All of the previous tier's content plus: 
  • Polished literary essays. Read my ace & aro essays before anyone else!
  • Draft reads (fiction). Read drafts of novels etc long before they're ready for publication. Watch them progress (either through various iterations or from unfinished start to final draft) and potentially influence their shape with your comments as an alpha reader.
  • Draft reads (nonfiction). Read essay brainstorming, early drafts (as I'm able to share), behind-the-scenes discussions.
  • Access to a Patreon-exclusive Discord server. Come chat with me and fellow Patrons in real-time. :D
  • Let's Read Academics Live: Every weekend, I livereact to a paper (highlighting aro and ace academia, mostly) on Discord. As funding allows, you get to pick the papers.
  • Bookclub: Every month, we read a book and chat about it. More accurately, every month you pick a book for me to read and we chat about it. Reading along yourself is highly encouraged but optional.
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  • A complementary copy of all ebooks published during the twelve months following your initial patronage.
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About S.L. Dove

Hello! I'm Lynn. Welcome!
I’m a queer indie SFF author and blogger working on creating a variety of entertaining, positive and welcoming content for everyone to enjoy. Please take a look around and see if anything appeals to you. <3

  • Fiction-wise: I specialise in small-scale, personal stakes and intimate narratives. I post a story for patrons every month, more if I have wip sections to share.
  • Nonfiction-wise: I dabble. I vlog about books, tv shows, games, etc. I talk and write about asexual and aromantic representation in fiction. I do reaction videos. I talk about indie publishing. Occasionally I geek out about grammar. Like I said, I dabble.
  • I’m also slowly (and occasionally) dipping into voice work by recording my own stories and sometimes even a song!
  • You can find samples of my work in this round-up. Have fun!
Sometimes mental health and/or offline life throws my working schedule out of whack, though. I do my best to keep you all updated of any changes, obviously. I just... find it hard to talk about what's going on with me. :(

Why Patreon?

Patreon lets me give back to the fans who choose to support me! (Thank you so much!) Take a look at the rewards and see if there’s anything you’d like.

Where does your money go?

You're mostly helping me pay for my monthly bills (such as the costs of running dovelynnwriter.com) and stay alive, so that I can continue creating and sharing positive and inclusive content online.

If you’d like to support me but can’t afford a monthly payment (I’m so with you on that!), just engaging with my (public) content is support! <3 If you want to do more, you can leave comments, share my posts, tell your friends about what I'm doing, like my content, follow me, etc.

Your support means the world to me. Thank you so much! ^_^

98% complete
Sporadic essay drafts about asexual and aromantic representation will be made available to all patrons rather than restricted to $5+ patrons!
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