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About Dov Smiley

Weekly Torah Comics:

Every week Jews read one segment of the bible called a Parsha, and I want to create a comic each week for that story.

My name is Dov Smiley: I am an artist that creates comic books for the Jewish Holidays, and Jewish classrooms. Together with schools and synagogues we have sold thousands of books for kids and adults alike to get to see these stories in a new and exciting light. I want to bring that experience to you every week.

With your support for this project, I want to be able to bring a weekly discussion to life. Education through the arts allows us to feel a sense of empowerment over our values. You will get to view and help create comics each week that you can then use to learn and teach these values anew. Plus, I am making sure each one looks pretty cool :).

This project, much like this page, is a work in progress. I will be sharing initial comic ideas and want to help spread the awareness that this is out there for people looking for a new way to connect with these stories. Thanks in advance, I hope you enjoy the comics!
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For this goal, I will post a comic on the Parsha, each week, exclusive to my Patrons.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 77 exclusive posts

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