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About Dowlphin

Welcome to my Patreon page!

What I basically do is employing my skills and sharing the fruits in any form that my current means allow. Expressing myself creatively and enriching people's lives in entertaining, artistic and inspiring ways fills me with energy and helps me forget the memories of a bleak past. In order to improve said means and in turn also skills and to greatly expand the scope of what I can do, I need a more or less regular income.

As fun and envigorating as it is to create, help and inspire, due to some self-imposed standards of decency in my self-promotion and various other burdens I had little control over I am currently doing this pretty much pro bono and have been for quite some time. Currently I am having nothing but expenses and am bumping into some limits of various nature, and I can defeat those obstacles with the encouragement of material support where any amount helps and makes a significant positive difference. (Although to really unlock 99% of what is there, I would need to get away from crippling influences.) Any step on this constructive path (living the solution) is worthwhile, while any step in a different direction (fighting with the problem) robs me of the energy to be creative and is thus in some way a waste of time I'd love to avoid. So my choices are limited. I have to push onwards. My heart shows the way. With your help, this can become increasingly exciting and beautiful.

Your contributions will enable me to make more investments on this path than I can currently do and will turn a slow resource drain plaguing my pursuits into a nourishing wellspring.
I respond pretty well to such things. ^^ (I am batter with dough. - "Dough" in German is "Pinke".)

Your contributions will be converted into immediate dedication to the joyful world I envision, a vision I burdened myself with greatly; absolutely worth pursuing but hard to bring to life alone.

I don't have tiered rewards at this point in part because it would be too inflexible. All my Patrons plant a seed to bear fruit. I always have an open ear when there's something I might be able to help with, and your support enables a lot more of that.dd

UPDATE: More recently the web-based avenues for entertainment are crumbling as their US-based nature is becoming more and more troublesome, so it feels like a losing battle and I see much more need to resolve the growing problems. I don't even know what can make any difference anymore.

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