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Most of you probably know me as the creator of the Downlord's FAF Client - a high quality alternative client for Forged Alliance Forever. I really enjoy working on it and my goal is to give you the best FAF experience possible!

I'm currently also the (almost) sole administrator of the FAF server and API, which means I spend a lot of time to ensure that all systems keep running and bugs get fixed. What most people don't know is that I'm also working on a new, state-of-the-art server backend in order to provide you a highly maintainable, secure and bug-free FAF ecosystem. Sometimes I even touch game code.

I have some really big plans for the future and I'm asking you to be a part of it all!

Things I did for the FAF community since March 2015 include

  • Brought you Downlord's FAF Client
  • Added support for custom Co-Op missions
  • Added Achievements
  • Made the FAF calendar happen
  • Introduced continuous server updates
  • Brought back the anti-smurf check
  • Added the "Rehost" functionality
  • Fixed rating bugs
  • Resurrected and improved mod upload
  • Resurrected and improved map upload
  • Added broadcast message when server is going to shut down
  • Banned many smurfs
  • Over 10 server updates
  • Over 50 client updates
  • Various blog posts about FAF development
  • Fixed performance issues of reclaim labels

Things coming in near future:

  • Ability to specify min/max ratings for games
  • Browseable map vault
  • A greatly improved UI design
  • Comprehensive replay vault search
  • Feature-completeness according to the Beta-Milestone (no more lacking features compared to the old client)
  • A brand new FAF server with close to 0 bugs
  • Support for the new Galactic War
  • Review and rating system for Maps, Mods and Replays

If you enjoy what I'm doing, I'd be happy to have your support. Even if it's just $1 to show me your appreciation!

Download my FAF client

Check the upcoming FAF server

Check out the upcoming FAF API

Check my GitHub activity

$51.29 of $100 per month
The more time I can devote to FAF, the more updates you'll get. This goal helps me to deliver you one client update every month.
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