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About DownToBuck

Since 2012, DownToBuck has been creating NBA highlight videos with one goal in mind: give the role-players, scrubs, journeymen, and bench-warmers of the league a brief moment in the spotlight. While the LeBron Jameses and the Kevin Durants of the league get multiple five-minute-long exposés just for existing, the James Joneses and Kosta Koufoses languish in obscurity, appearing in highlight videos only ironically.

Even when faced with unexpected account deletion in 2018, DownToBuck never faltered in his goal of bringing entertaining, educational highlight videos to the masses. By not only providing video content, but also written content in the form of video descriptions on every video, DownToBuck elevated the lowly medium of YouTube highlight videos to an art. Maybe not "high art", but art nonetheless.

Let's forget the self-aggrandizement and the third-person tone now. I'm asking for your help. DownToBuck is nearly a full-time job, but it doesn't pay like one. In the past seven years, I have made zero dollars ($0.00) from my YouTube highlights empire.

You may say, "Anybody can edit and upload highlight videos," and you would be correct in that assessment, but who else will toil unceasingly for the cause of the role-player? Who else will entertain the viewer with insightful (sometimes), humorous (usually), and fact-checked (rarely) video descriptions on every single video? Who else will provide high-quality NBA fanfiction to the masses who may not have realized that they yearn for such a thing? Who else would have the foresight to continuously upload Mike Muscala highlight videos which garnered no views, knowing that one day he would get traded to the Lakers and footage of his on-court exploits would be among the most coveted videographic content on the entire internet?

Nobody else. Only DownToBuck has shown the willingness and the ability to do these things. And, just as the players he features exist on the fringes of the NBA landscape despite the work they have put in, so does his channel exist on the outer edge of the NBA highlight landscape despite the work he has put in.

If you like watching my videos or reading my video descriptions, please consider making a donation. Thanks for reading. Highlights will never die.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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