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About Doxia Studio

 Hi and welcome to our Patreon Page! 

I’m super excited that you’ve found our Patreon page and are interested in joining Doxia’s exclusive community. Be part of the process and learn with us on this adventure.
I’m Luis, aka avDOX. founder of Doxia Studio. I’m a motion designer, VFX artist and multimedia developer living in Porto, Portugal.
By combining technology with art, we develop projects for branding, video mapping events, interactive installations, VR & AR Experiences and Games. If you want to know more about our work, check out our website:

Every week, besides our work on the studio for clients, we do random art studies in different areas, such as game level design and VFX to explore Houdini and Unity’s features and generative art with Processing, in order to improve our skills and share knowledge acquired during each production.
If you want to know more about VFX, programming, 3D Concept Art or if you are a game developer who needs some help with your game level design, this is the place for you. Join the community!

Our main goal is to have more time to dedicate to these personal projects, develop new art for games, and help other artists and game devs who share the same goals and want to know more about the production.

But, as you may understand and relate, we have to dedicate on a daily basis most of our time to other professional projects to ensure the studio’s survival.
So this is why we’ve joined Patreon, because we believe it will allow us to fund Doxia’s Art and, as consequence, have more time to develop these projects. It will also bring us closer to you, by sharing experiences, knowledge and help you with your own projects.

 How it works 
If you like our work, are interested in any of our projects or want to learn more about Processing, Houdini or Unity, just choose how much you want to pledge per month (even 1$ makes a difference). Each pledge gives you access to different rewards.
By joining this community, you get access to High-Resolution Art Studies, access to game design demos where you try the weekly level design done with Unity, vote or request the weekly game design theme and software, join our community’s facebook group (available in the future) where we share knowledge and ideas in order for us to help you with any questions about your own projects or production, access to digital assets and projects and much more!

As you may see, we are more focus on building a large friendly community by paying cheaper pledges, rather than have a few patrons paying a lot. We want to share ideas and knowledge with everyone else and have fun times doing so.

And do not worry, you are always in complete control: You choose the amount you want to pledge and you can cancel your support at any time.

Your support allows us to dedicate more time to do what we love most, to develop more awesome and innovative art and game projects, and, more importantly, allows Doxia Studio to interact with you so we can both improve our art and development!

Select a membership level
Doxia's Tip Jar
per month
  1. High Resolution Weekly Random Art Studies (Houdini, Unity or Processing)
Doxia's Desk
per month
  1. Access to Medium and Advanced Houdini's Tutorials (1 or 2 per Month)
  2. Access to Tips and Tricks series in Houdini
  3. Request Weekly Art Study
  4. Vote on the next Houdini's Tutorial topic
  5. Access to posts about new features and digital assets we are developing.
Doxia's Lab
per month
  1. Access to Projects! Explore our projects and learn how we did them.
  2. Access to the Monthly Digital Asset!
  3. Get your name  tutorials' credits.
  4. Request a special tutorial about a tool in Houdini!
$621 of $1,000 per month
  • Getting back to my weekly live stream where I’ll do my weekly random art and help the community
  • Dedicate even more time to create the art studies to help the community.
  • If we manage to reach this goal, we’ll talk with our patrons and discuss future goals to help us improve our work and, more importantly, help our patrons. 
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