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Welcome to the D-Pad family!  All patrons will get not only a one-time shout out on the next video we record, but also access to our most current schedule of recorded gameplay and videos.  You can see what's coming up, or how far ahead we are than the videos already visible.

This schedule will be spoiler-free.  Special announcements (like new games or plot-relevant details) will be concealed, but you'll still be able to see that a video is there.

In addition, when we reach our $100/month goal whenever possible now that we've reached $100/month (thank you!), all patrons will also be given access to an active poll to determine the next game we play in our "extra slot".
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You get access to a monthly live YouTube Hangout with us!  We'll chill, talk about new stuff on the channel, shoot the shit, whatever!  Should be a fun time.  And now, you also get to participate in the new D-Pad + Chill + You!  Hang out while we screen a movie for all to watch and add your comments for a chance to get into the final video!
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Hey, everybody!  Welcome to the Patreon page for The D-Pad!  We've been making all kinds of gaming content for the last seven years, from radio shows to Let's Plays, to educational videos and critical analysis, and we're looking to stretch our legs and start creating even more new content!

Since we rebooted our channel back in 2013, we've released multiple videos every single day as part of tons of different series, including Pokémon RivalsThe Legendary Let's PlayThe Mega Let's PlayThe Super Sonic Let's Play, and plenty more.  Whether we're playing Mega Man or Zelda, Sonic or Kirby, Spyro or Resident Evil, we want to bring you guys the most awesome videos we can.

So what would you say... you do here?

The backbone of our channel for the bulk of the last five years has been serial Let's Play content, usually in the form of Franchise Plays—we pick a game franchise and tackle the whole thing, one game at a time.  First we took on the Legend of Zelda series, then when that was finished, we started working on Mega Man, Kirby, and Sonic the Hedgehog.  The goal of these Franchise Plays isn't just to play the games, but to try to understand the path these series have traveled, and try to comprehend how the various companies behind them came to decide the things they did, for better or worse.  Did Capcom run out of ideas when Keiji Inafune left the company?  Could Sega make Sonic relevant again after almost 30 years of highs and lows?  That's what we attempt to unravel, and as you might expect, this means acquiring the games in question to play them.  We've put our hands on over 250 games so far, and are always looking to bring something new to the table.

In addition, we've been taking deeper and deeper dives into live-action video content production as well, from scripted film reviews in Seriesly to panel discussion and analysis in Movie Nights at the Roundtable, to thorough analysis of specific events in film and video game history in A Brief History.  When it comes to live content, the real deciding factor as to how crisp and clean our output can be comes down to our audio and video equipment.  We currently have a Canon EOS 70D that is serving us quite well, but it does carry some limitations we're looking into improving on, not to mention a few projects that would benefit from a more stable multi-camera setup.  Likewise, lavalier and boom microphones, professional-grade green screens, a source monitor, along with wireless audio setups can help us be more dynamic in our filmmaking, and as you might be starting to notice, the costs start to add up.

That sounds like a lot, is my $1 even going to matter?

You'd be surprised!  Honestly, every little bit really does help, and we're working on setting up a more itemized budget this summer so it can be easier to see where that dollar is going.

In all seriousness, we do this out of the love of the game.  We're not pocketing cash and walking away, we spend a lot of money on new equipment, games and consoles new and old, and the software needed to bring the gameplay from our screen to yours.

There are lots of perks and goals on the side there, and we're always open to new ideas for stuff we can do for you!

And even if you can't/don't/won't put money to the cause, we would love for you to watch and enjoy our videos all the same.  We will never restrict content to patrons, so whether you put money in or not, you will always be able to see our stuff.
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What happens when you put the man behind Titanic and Avatar - the two highest-grossing films of all time - in the helm of a scriptment for what would eventually become one half of the comic book film revival at the turn of the century?  You get James Cameron's Spider-Man, one of the most amazingly screwed up scripts ever conceived.

The moral of the story? Don't fuck with James Cameron.
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