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About Danielle Pajak

"He has made everything beautiful in its time. . ."
                                     - Ecclesiastes 3:11

Hello! Welcome to my profile! I am grateful to have captured your interest and I hope that you and I can enjoy this collaboration of sorts! I'll dive right into the details of what you can expect to find here on my patreon.

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My Content:

I'm a freelance illustrator desiring to get into the movie industry as a concept artist, so I love creating very conceptual work. Here is a list of the types of artwork I'll be featuring:

  • Illustrations:
These are full-fledged art pieces where I work with multiple concepts and which are, for the most part, centered around pop culture material. I'm huge fan of *many* things in both the movie and TV industries, so I'm usually randomly struck by inspiration to create something. I guess it could be considered fan art, but I like to add my own personal twist instead of outright copying the material. Though, every once in awhile I do create a completely original piece from the weird happenstances of my imagination.


  • Character Designs:
As I am interested in getting into concept design work, character design is a large part of that. I have done many of my own original character designs, but sometimes I like to do pop culture characters or characters who are from books, i.e. Isaac Asimov's Foundation series!


  • Work in Progress:
This is probably what you'll see most of on this page currently. I am in the middle of an extensive project, my original graphic novel, Infinity's End. (Follow link to find out more about this project.) It's quite a sprawling endeavor and will be taking up most of my time for many, many months to come. So, you'll get to see project updates on that, as well as any other kinds of projects I'll be doing in the future!


  • Client Work:
I love being able to collaborate with fellow artists, whether they be filmmakers, writers, or musicians! I always get excited about bringing someone else's vision to life and helping them to achieve their goals. Whenever it is appropriate, I'll be sharing information and art work on those types of projects!

Chivalry's Children (YA Fantasy Novel) by Alexis P. Johnson:

A Planet-Sized World Layered in the Brain by Brittany Ward:

Gordo An Original Web Series by Radcliff Weir and Holli N. Kole

  • Art Analysis:
If there is something I enjoy just as much as creating art it is analyzing and interpreting it! It is such a crucial part of my own creating process, as I delve into the concepts and ideas that infuse my work. I draw so much of my inspiration from movies, other artists, and all sorts of visual media, so I delve into the why they inspire me and what exactly I take from them.

  • Community:
One final thing of note is that on the Community tab, you can send me comments or anything else you like to share with me! You and I can interact and discuss my art or maybe you have a question about what I do, that would be great! Or even better, perhaps you yourself are an artist! I would love to see your work! I love receiving feedback and criticism and I love giving out feedback to others, so I would encourage my patrons to do so!

Well, that just about covers it! Again, thank you for coming to my page and checking out what I do. I hope to be able to continue to share what I love to do and that you'll get to enjoy! You can always contact me through my email: [email protected] if you have any further questions about anything. :-)

Thank you!
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My goal is to share my unique vision in the visual arts and make it into the film industry.
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