The Daylight Complex is creating Electronic Pop Music

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$1 /creation
$1 per song makes you an Official Patron.  Just knowing that you're here and listening is enough to inspire me to work harder to create more and better music. As a Dplex insider you will get:



$3 /creation
$3 per song makes you a Patron-Plus (I'm making up these ranks on the fly, just go with it). I'm humbled by your support and will do all that I can to reward your faith in me. For your patronage yo...


$5 /creation
$5 per song makes you a Super-Patron. I feel the awesome weight of responsibility to please you via synthpop. But sometimes synthpop is not enough, which is why you will also get:



$15 /creation
$15 per song makes you a Mega-Patron. You are the engine that makes my clockwork heart go tick tock. What can I do to show you my vast, world-consuming gratitude? How about if I give you: