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An Adult Adventure Game

Follow the main character, Queen, as she starts her new business, a brothel! Her services won't go unnoticed as she travels across the world gathering more clients. A mysterious man is using his magical powers to make Queen's encounters more aroused than expected. Will she be able to handle the barrage of horny men she runs into?

Current State of the Game:
  • 10+ High quality sexual animations
  • 10+ Unique sexual images for quests
  • RPG-like mechanics where you level up body parts instead of standard combat stats
  • Randomized brothel clients
  • Fun sexual boss battles
  • Clothes that change the girl's stats

Queen's Brothel's main fetish is free use, where the girls don't mind people using their bodies. Other notable fetishes include:
  • Bukkake
  • Bored / Ignored
  • Gang bangs
  • Futanari
  • Footjobs
Queen's Brothel is an Adult Game that is still in development. Pledging will get you access to all new updates and artwork before it goes to the public.

Art -  LNSC.
Art - Ogureci
Art - Zen
Art - HydraBomb
Voice Actress - Mintea.
Voice Actress - PixieWillow.
Voice Actress - Oolay-Tiger.
Voice Actress - ZeroDiamonds
$1,317.65 of $2,500 per month
Hire someone to write more side quests.
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