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Hello dear developer 👋

My name is Dmitry, but you might know me as @smart_egg on Twitter and @dr-dimitru on GitHub.

I'm all about Open Source, JavaScript, node.js, and meteor.js. Since 2012 I'm active meteor.js ecosystem contributor — publishing packages to Atmosphere under `ostrio` namespace. So far, I've released 33 packages. Five packages are highly rated and widely used across the meteor.js community. If you've ever tried meteor.js framework chances, you've used one of my packages are very high.

Most of the open source software published on GitHub under `veliovgroup` namespace. My goal is to deliver efficient, reliable, and most secure solutions across the JavaScript community. I have two notable packages made especially for microservices and distributed systems (multi-server networks and clusters).

I wish to dedicate more time to Open Source and free-to-use services for developers, more than I do now. I'm on the path slowly turning open source contributions into grossing business. This is a slow process, and to pay bills, I get distracted and pulled by business routine.

If you or your company are using my projects or like what I’m doing, please consider backing me. Your contirbution is going to help me to invest more time into open source and provide the best experience for each community member.

Here’s the list of supporters.

Other options to help:

Notable Meteor.js packages:

  • 🚦 flow-router-extra — Carefully extended flow-router with "waitOn" and template context
  • 🍪 cookies — Isomorphic bulletproof Server and Client cookie functions
  • ☄️ Meteor-Files — Upload files to Meteor application, with 3rd party storage support: AWS:S3, GridFS and other
  • 🤵 autoform-files — File upload for AutoForm using `ostrio:files`
  • 🌳 meteor-root — Get path on a server where Meteor application is currently running
  • 🧾 logger — Logging: isomorphic driver with support of MongoDB, File (FS) and Console

Notable NPM packages:

  • 🧳 ClientStorage — Bulletproof persistent browser storage, works with disabled Cookies and/or localStorage
  • 📮 mail-time — Bulletproof email queue on top of NodeMailer with support of multiple clusters and servers setup
  • 🤖 JoSk — Task and jobs runner. For high load solutions with multiple clusters and servers setup
  • 👾 request-libcurl — Extremely stable HTTP request module built on top of libcurl with built-in retries


Here is a list of achievements we did with the community:
  • "DevProject" 2019 award by DeveloperWeek
  • "GCAA" 2016 winner by TheMeteorChef for Meteor-Files package
  • 600.000+ downloads
  • 350.000+ article reads
  • 1.900+ GitHub stars
  • 60+ open source repositories for Meteor.js and NPM

$14.79 of $750 per month
I will dedicate up to 16 hours a week to Open Source
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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