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About Drab Grad Life

My name is Magali McDonald and I draw Drab Grad Life, a webcomic about the unglamorous life of a grad student. Or all grad students. Sometimes the experience is shared with undergraduate students, recent grads and anyone who spends lots of time studying/dreading deadlines/creating projects/slowly burning their brains.

Loosely based in my own experience of my ongoing life as an Animation Graduate Student at Pratt Institute in New York, it has grown on Tumblr a lot even though I can only draw sporadic comics on my spare time (which is almost inexistent).

By supporting my Patreon page, you're helping me fund this project, I'll be able to create webcomics more consistently and more of them too! I also want to create a community where people can share their graduate school stories, experiences and jokes and we can all take a little laugh at life and then continue to write your respective thesis.

My plan is to release at least one comic a week, but you can choose to support me monthly to get all the webcomics and the perks. Thank you for your support and hang in there fellow grad students!

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I will start drawing two comics a week because you guys asked for it!
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