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About Draft Zero

DRAFT ZERO is a podcast that tries to works out what makes great screenplays work. Our episode are epic deep-dives into the art and the mechanics of storytelling for the screen. With every episode, our goal is to unearth practical techniques and tools for storytellers. If you want to sound fancy, you'd call it "narrative aesthetics". But we ain't fancy...

We are Chas and Stu, two Australian filmmakers, who are trying to really understand our craft. And we do that by looking "under the hood" of great movies and TV shows.

We've been doing this since 2014. We pick a particular topic or thesis — for example, how shifting the audience's point of view can heighten their emotions — and then set ourselves homework: reading scripts and watching screen stories. We then record our podcast — arguing, debating, and exploring these topics in depth — and share our discoveries with our listeners.

Our episodes aren't for the faint of heart: they average 90 minutes each. Our longest is over 3 hours. If you want something like 'Top Ten Tips For Dialogue', we ain't for you. But if you want an in-depth, passionate and analytical discussion: you've come to the right place.

Our listeners run the range from complete beginners to established showrunners & directors, and everyone in-between. Some of our listeners' favourite episodes tackle catharsis, exposition, tactics and dialogue. We even got schooled by Tarantino himself after his listened to us breaking down his work. It was humbling... but it was rewarding, too.

You can find and listen to our current episode list here:

Or listen to our latest episode below:
So far, we've done this at our own expense. As we said, we love it. We're going to continue doing it too for as long as we can — which, if you've heard an episode, can be a really long (and fun) time. So no pressure. It's all there and freely available.

The most common complaint about Draft Zero (surprisingly) is not the epic length of our episodes. It's that they don't come often enough. If you're lucky, you get an episode every 6 to 8 weeks.

The main reason for the delay isn't the homework or the recording. It's finding the time to edit when both Stu and Chas are trying to y'know actually make films.

If Stu and Chas could pay someone a fair rate to edit their monster podcasts, then they could release more episodes, more regularly. It's that simple.

We don't want sponsorship for Draft Zero. We don't want to endorse any particular product or service. Unless you're Laphraoig and want to send us sweet, peaty whisky.

We won't paywall our content. We want Draft Zero to be freely available to everyone, everywhere. We have listeners worldwide from Iraq to China to Russia to the US and, of course, Australia. If you can't afford film school or a online master class, you can always listen to Draft Zero.

We may do merchandise cause merch is cool, but it's a poor way to raise money that feeds directly into us producing more episodes.

We're not script gurus. We're not trying to sell you our "script coaching" services or workshop tours or our e-book. We're just two screenwriters trying to work out how to get better at our craft.

We're not here to monetise Draft Zero. We're here to make better movies and TV... and maybe narrative games too.

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