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White Dragon Tier!
Wow!  Thank you for believing in us and chipping a buck our way.  As a reward you not only get our gratitude, you also get the chance to potentially win a gift card or software keys.  Are you a Steam fan?  We'll get gift cards for that.  Want to use a gift card to purchase something nice off of Amazon?  Well, today may be your lucky day to win one.  We'll be mixing up how we give these away.  We may surprise people, we may post a code on our Patreon feed.  Unlike our main giveaways on the site, these will be exclusive to patrons only!

(Note - Every tier is eligible for the gift card or software key surprise.) 
  • Acknowledgement that you're an awesome person.
  • Our gratitude.
  • A chance to potentially win a gift card or software key.
General Raffle Rules 
1 random game key per 4 subscribers at this tier

  • Random Steam Games

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You Just Make Us Want to Shout! Tier
Ah, that's so amazing you went for this tier.  Well, we're just going to have to shout about it then.  Not only will you be entered for a chance to potentially win a gift card/software key, we'll give you a shout-out on our site Twitter accounts (27,000+ followers on our main Twitter and 3,000+ on our staff Twitter), Facebook (19,000+ likes), and maybe even in one of major video reviews (4,000+ subscribers)!

  • A random game every month you subscribe at this Tier
  • Plus a chance to potentially win a gift card or software key.
  • A one time shoutout on Twitter and Facebook.
  • A potential credit shoutout in one of our major video reviews.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Request Specific Content
  • Random Steam Games

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Green Dragon Tier!
You thought we'd just chat about how much we love you on Twitter and Facebook? We'll give you a one time shoutout on Facebook (27,000+ likes), Twitter (37,000+ followers on our main Twitter and 4,000+ on our staff Twitter). Plus, we'll certainly thank you the credits of our major videos (27,000+ subscribers). In addition you get to drive what content we create for our YouTube and Twitch (specific games or products) and we will try to accomodate.

  • A chance to potentially win a gift card or software key.
  • One time shoutout on all our networks Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, GamingTribe.
  • A guaranteed credit shoutout in one of our major video videos.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Request Specific Content
  • Random Steam Games




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About Dragon Blogger Entertainment

PAST GIVEAWAYS: View them here.

Your subscription could help fund a ton more game and gadget giveaways!  Interested to find out more?  Watch our pitch above (coming soon) or read a little more about us.

If you're ready to start donating, skip to the reward tiers and check out what your generosity will get you.

Why Patreon?
At  DragonBlogger.com we create technology and entertainment related content including gadget reviews, gaming reviews and lets play live stream and recorded content as well as host gadget and game related giveaways for readers and viewers so they can have a chance to win something cool. Our goal is to continue to produce quality content for our readers and we need support.  Your help will fund not only the purchasing of games and gadgets to review but cover the expenses of the writers who create the videos and produce the content as a hobby during their spare time.  Your dollars will also lead to purchasing better and better equipment.  Check out the embedded video below in fact.  If this is what we pulled off with amateur editing and video equipment, imagine what we would pull off with professional grade instruments!

A Little About Us

Justin Germino aka Dragon Blogger started the site and channel back in 2008, our content creators and are called Dragon Bloggers and currently we have several including James, Nate, Briley, Brian, Jayson_Wyler, Supreme_Rob, Jackie, Lynda, Rohan, Lamergamer, Gamerunner250, PlanetGabo, DollarYen, Opal and more. We want to continue providing more quality content and great giveaways for our fans.  Thank you for your support!
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With $1500 we can get a Sony Mirrorless camera and dramatically improve the video quality of unboxing/review videos as well as live stream camera and live events.
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