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About Jen Sample

Hello Everyone!

I am Jen, a comic creator working on releasing my first webcomic, "The Legend of Arande: Quest for the Black Phoenix", which has been my life's work.  Between time spent working a "normal job" and my 4 children, there were times when my comic took a back-burner to "real life" as they call it.  But now I've given up the typical 9-5 grind to make Arande a reality.  Your support will allow me to focus 100% on creating my comic and help with everyday expenses while making comic creation my full-time job.

Here's my "elevator pitch" if you will, for you all to enjoy:

"Jenna Zeal is the kind-hearted Princess of the Kingdom of Zealeon.  Eager for new experiences, Jenna longs to be able to leave her father's watchful eye in search of her own adventure.  When she discovers her fate intertwines with that of an ancient kingdom that many believed to be a myth, she finds herself on a journey that sends her far from home to claim The Black Phoenix, a powerful sword of legend.  Accompanied by her two closest friends, Jenna sets out on the adventure she craves, but will it all prove too much for her when Emperor Lorien designs a plan to use Jenna for a dark ritual of his own and spark a war between their kingdoms?"

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