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You get the nice warm feeling of supporting a place for quiet, chill conversation. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to put a special note on your profile or something? That'd be neat.




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About Gracious Anthracite

So hi there. I'm a lady who runs a Mastodon instance named Dragon.Style.

You're probably here because you're one of its users. If you're not, go read the front page of the site to find out what on earth an "instance" of "Mastodon" is and what makes this particular one unique.

Dragon Style currently costs me about twenty-eight bucks a month to run - $24/mo for the hosting and its backups, $45/y for the domain name. It also costs an ill-defined amount of my time; maybe about three or four weeks of work over the course of a year. I'm fine with doing this on a volunteer basis, but some of the folks on the instance have asked when I'd give them the option to help cover the costs, so here we are. 💖

Contributing to this Patreon is not a guarantee of an account on the site. But if you're here then you probably have an account there already. Contributing to this is also by no means a requirement, especially if you're broke!

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