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  • Early chances to get smaller doodley adopts 24hrs before posted publicly.
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For this tier, you get the benefits of Hatchling, but also:

  • Access to larger adopts 24hrs before they're posted anywhere else! This includes when I make Guardions.
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  • Supporters of this level can claim a  Patreon-exclusive Plushie commission slot. Meaning when I'm open for Plush, you're guaranteed a slot! PLEASE get a quote from me before pledging at this tier to confirm pricing and affordability of your commission. If you are unable to pay for your commission upfront your guaranteed spot will not be valid, unless we discussed otherwise (You still have to pay for your commission, this only guarantees you a spot).
  • NSFW commissions (Explicit option, specific exclusions apply)
  • Your patron-tier plushie will get priority over my others in my queue as well!
  • Stickers! Actual physical stickers, when I make them and have them ready to ship out, if you've been a part of the Wyrmling or Drake tier for at least a month or longer. 




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 website ~ twitter ~ FA ~ contact

Salutations, I'm Salem! A nonbinary creative critter that uses they/them pronouns. I wear many hats; as freelance artist, plush artist and general fabrication artist from Idaho. I've been making digital art since around 2011, Plushies since early 2016, and costume parts since 2015 (on and off). I'm lucky enough to be able to work on my crafts, both art and sewn, full-time. Everything you see me make, I create myself, all by hand. I fully enjoy and love being able to bring my clients and followers different kinds of content every month!

For the moment, doing art and sewing all manner of creative things is my only source of income, and running this page is my sort of way of helping me make sure I can cover living expenses like some bills, groceries and the like each month.
It's a little like a tip jar for now! A tip jar with benefits.

I'm currently working to revamp this page, thank you for all my past and present Patreon supporters!
It should be done by early May

Don't feel like using Patreon but still would like to lend me a hand?
You can "buy me a coffee"!

Thanks for reading, I can't wait to show you all some of my best.
-- Salem C.

$59 of $150 per month
Reaching this amount means I can handle rent a little easier! Rejoice! This of course meaning it takes a burden off my mind, allowing me to focus more on art.

Upon reaching this goal, and once we have the wifi set up for it, I will be able to offer an art stream on a set date every month. In them I will be working on regular commission work (typically) as well as possibly requests (based on polls voted on by patrons) or PWYW sketches!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 110 exclusive posts
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