is creating (nsfw) scifi/synth/anthro/comic/fantasy

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About dragonnetstorm

I am DragonNetStorm, concept artist for scifi/synth/anthro/comic/fantasy.

What do I create?
I digitally draw adult sciencefiction and fantasy, often with anthro or humanoid characters populating them. I’m commissioned concept art, character art, comics and story visuals. All of which can be found here!

Why Patreon?
I wish to share my way of working with you guys,
along with providing you more than the publicly published art.

Where does your support go?
To more professional gear, training, and food to fill the bellies of my lazy cats.
Thank you, and hope to see/speak to you soon!

- Do not trace, alter, redistribute or otherwise profit from my art without my explicit consent
- Characters © me (dragonnetstorm), unless stated otherwise
- My art is not intended for roleplay, unless stated otherwise

- Stolen paid content will be noticed, account blocked and reported
53% complete
When this goal is met I'll actively post my progress to you guys, and build with you a small but solid Patreon community!
Every once in a while I'll do something exclusively for you guys, like art you can vote on!
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