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is creating an online fantasy comic taking place in a world ruled by dragons

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Semi Spicy: Sketchdumps and thumbnail comics I can't put anywhere else. Along with In Process Thumbnails, Additional Lore, and 

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Wow guys! You could have gotten a WoW account, but you're using this pledge to support the comic! Thank you!!!

For now, this pledge just has NSFW art- Vallejo studies, sketchdumps, and eventually parts of the comic itself that would get the comic banned on Webtoon. You're welcome. 

I swear, you better actually be 18+ because if you're not, your parents will recieve phone calls instructing them to love you less!




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Why do dragons horde treasure? Why do dragons kidnap princesses and feel the need to test brave and foolish heroes? Why do dragons have wings if they're known for hanging out in their lairs all day? 

If dragons are so powerful, why do they need dragonriders?

These are questions a young man named Matthias sought to answer- knowledge forbidden in his homeland- where dragons are all but extinct, his journey leads him to the small town of Lionsburg- a town ruled over by a supposedly cruel and sadistic dragon who kidnapped a princess in an envious rage... and everyone seems okay with it. 

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When we reach $300 per month, all Patrons will get a free Dragonrider Medalion!

This will go back into Dragonrider's Dance! will help cover the costs of running the website, paying voice actors, animators, and musicians for video projects and all in all, help make Dragonrider's Dance even more amazing! 
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