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About Dragon's Reign: A Gay Dragon Shifter Romance

Hi, I’m Raythe, and I write gay romance that transports you to different worlds with magic, monsters, interesting heroes, dangerous villains, and of course true love.

This Patreon is for my podcast of Dragon's Reign, one of the best M/M fantasy romance stories I've ever written. Every month, you'll get 2-4 chapters, about 20 - 30 minutes each, read aloud dramatically by the author. 

Story Description

The ninth dragon shifter enters the world...

Eight dragon shifters rule the world, but then ordinary human Caden Bryce becomes the ninth, destined to be a mate to one of the eight. Yet all Caden wants is his old life back.

Dragon King Valerius, most powerful of all the dragon shifters, is none too pleased to find another dragon in his territory. But when the other dragon shifters come to court Caden, Valerius finds that he wants Caden as his own.

About This Podcast

You may be wondering, ‘why serials?’ I do write books too, but serials are my true passion, because I love to keep people on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next installment. Serials are like TV shows, told in suspenseful episodes over a long time, while books are like movies.

I love audiobooks. It’s how I ‘read’ most of the time, since much of my day is spent commuting, like many people. Since Dragon’s Reign is a serial story and not a novel, it will never be on Amazon or Audible, so this is the only way I can bring this story to you in audio form.

The written version of Dragon's Reign is on my subscription site RaytheReign.com, updated with 3 chapters each month, along with 4 other gay romance serials.

Why Dragons?

Dragonshifters is a term that has magic all on its own. I see that, and am immediately intrigued by the story, even if I know nothing else about it!

My serial subscribers, too, voted dragons as the top type of shifter they wanted to see in the next shifter story I wrote. We all wanted something new. And that something new became Dragon’s Reign.

I started with a few questions. What would happen if shifters came out in our world today? How would humanity react? What would the world be like?

After that, the ideas just wouldn't stop coming. I think that Dragon's Reign is one of the best things I’ve written, and I’m excited to bring it to you.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Tiers & Milestones

If you love this podcast and want to support it, I have $2 and $5 tiers and a few fun milestones.  All supporters get discounted merch codes for our shop, and can participate in occasional AMAs.

If you want to support us beyond that - and read / listen far ahead in this story - just become a Member of the site.  You’ll get everything I write and record, including more episodes and far more chapters of Dragon's Reign... plus the other M/M stories, both current and completed.

If you're interested, you can check out the Getting Started Guide here.

Thanks so much,

Oh, and one other thing...

This story, like all my stories, will have adult content in a few episodes!  The main characters do have sex, and when that happens, I read it aloud for your listening pleasure.
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