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Basic access: You get some old sequence and old work I've done in the past that were posted and not posted over the years. Some concepts that were never used and test shots. Rewards will be sent by email when pledge is collected at end of the month.
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Comic access: You get basic access, plus you get chapters from comics exclusive to patreon and scrapped ideas comic concept render that will probably never end up finished. Rewards will be sent by email when pledge is collected at end of the month.
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Into the past tier 1: You get all the comic access tier rewards for the current month and also a previous month reward package. People have been asking for this, so I'm putting this up as a way to get past rewards. Just send me a message with the previous month wanted.Rewards will be sent by email when pledge is collected at end of the month. Extra months choice must be sent as I cannot divine what you want.
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About DragoonGTS

After years of people asking me if I had a website , and sadly responding that I did not, I have finally decided to at least make a patreon page, it allows me to post my stuff in one place without much restriction for deviation *wink wink*. Anyhow this is it, a repository of most of my work, old and new. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it enough to contribute to this page.

I create mostly sequences and comic images of women growing bigger , taller , bustier. I also have some of them getting younger. Most of my comic stories are in a common universe that often refer back to the Dragoon Institute of Growth (D.I.G.).

I tend to favor light , slightly humorous, stories. My work also involve some men and women interaction for size difference.

So try it out, if you enjoy all tall, gigantic, busty women having fun with their new size!

Until then I remain,

My images and sequences are NSFW and for a mature audience only , 18+ years old.

Here is the list of comic we have so far and the months associated with it. When you take the $20, $30 or $40 tier rewards, please use this list to message me your choice of extra months when your pledge has been processed at the end of the month.

Here is the list:
-August 2015 A long test comic with Aki and Anja.
-September 2015 The lab chapter 3

-October 2015 The lab chapter 4

-November 2015 The lab chapter 5

-December 2015 Days

-January 2016 The lab chapter 6

-February 2016 Days hospital

-March 2016 The treatment

-April 2016 The lab chapter 7

-May 2016 The lab chapter 8

-June 2016 Days part II

-July 2016 The treatment part II

-August 2016 The Therapy

-September 2016 The Therapy part II

-October 2016 The Therapy part III

-November 2016 Days part III

-December 2016 The therapy part IV

-January 2017 The Therapy part V

-February 2017 The Treatment part III

-March 2017 The lab chapter 9

-April 2017 The lab part 10

-May 2017 The gift

-June 2017 The lab part 11

-July 2017 Days part IV

-August 2017 the lab part 12

-October 2017 The gift 2

-November 2017 The lab part 13

-December 2017 The therapy VI

-January 2018 The treatment IV

-March 2018 Big news I

-April 2018 Big news II

June 2018 The lab part 14

August 2018 The gift 3

September 2018 The gift 4

October 2018 Exclusive club 1

November 2018 The snorf

March 2019 The lab ch.15

April 2019 The lab ch.16

June 2019 The lab Ch.17

July 2019 The blessing of Mawa

November 2019 The Snorf part II

January 2020 Mana of size 1
February 2020 Mana of size 2

March 2020 Mana of size 3

June 2020 Mana of size 4

July 2020 The Ambrosia
August 2020 Mana of size 5

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