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is creating an ecocentric education system bridging spirit and science

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To support the creation and expansion of the AHO school - classes, resources and tools to navigate the human experience with greater ease and grace, you can show your gratitude here. 
You are invited to donate any amount, $7.00 (USD) is a suggestion.

Deep Infinite Love, Light, and Gratitude
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About Awaken Holy Oneness

Blessings BeLoved, and welcome!

First a pause
to breath deeply into your exquisite being
to be in the infinite now moment of presence
to feel the connection between us blossoming 

Thank you for being, and for choosing to be here; welcome.

I Am Aleph Drasmin, creatix, ascension medium and founder of Drasmin DreamWorks (DD).

Drasmin DreamWorks is an education collective dedicated to bridging spirit and science, founded on the PIE principles of Peace, Integrity, and Equality, and currently has 2 branches:
OM - Dedicated to the art, writing, and energy work of me;
AHO - A tribe of awakened, harmonized and optimized leaders contributing their unique gifts to the educative collective mission of Drasmin DreamWorks;

I created this Patreon page to support the creation and expansion of the AHO school - classes, resources and tools marrying matter (mind-heart-body) and energy (spiritual-creative-pleasure) for healthy, joyful, and optimal function in the human experience

Currently the school is online, your funding is also split into savings for the physical location - 
a safe authentic space to warm your soul, a loving patient container to rediscover your innate beauty, and an empowering no B.S zone to embrace vulnerability

The Drasmin DreamWorks Mission is to:
Anchor change with unconditional healthy love
Bridge authentic optimized function and prosperity
Create pathways that encourage intelligent evolution

Your presence, regardless of monetary support, is deeply felt and appreciated; your monetary support allows my complete attention, resources and energy into the continued creation of education materials for  the online school, as well as feeds the savings account for land and foundational costs for the first physical school.

There is no "timeline" for the opening of the first physical school, for All Is In Divine Alignment; I Am blessed and grateful to hold the torch for an integrative education system celebrating sovereignty, and to co-leader with other like minded beings in actualizing this dream of sacred oneness.

Thank you for your presence and presents!

United we Awaken Holy Oneness, AHO!



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Wow!!! $111! Thank you all so very much!

To celebrate your presence and support, all matrons and patrons (regardless of how much you pledged) are automatically entered for 1 of 3 prizes:
- A pair of hand crafted earrings by Xorliyn Armstrong
- A 4 X 6 art print of the "Bird Tribe Elementals" created by Aleph
- A limited edition 7 chakra toning buckeye seed mala made by Xorliyn Armstrong in collaboration with Aleph Drasmin

Thank you again for your love and presence. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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