Kristen McQuillin is creating Drawing Meditations

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Gratitude +
Along with my thanks for being a supporter, you'll receive access to my Patron-only posts with previews of upcoming projects, meditation and art chat, and occasional freebies, too!

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Have a Voice
A vote in meditation themes and art tutorials. And get advance notice on upcoming sessions with discounts to workshops & webinars

+ Patron-only posts
+ My sincere thanks

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Relax at Home
Get a free Drawing Meditation MP3 and PDF for you to enjoy in your own time and place

+ Vote in upcoming themes
+ Advance notice of events
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Get Together
Join in a Drawing Meditations webinar exclusively for all the $10+ level patrons

+ Drawing Meditations MP3/PDF
+ Vote in upcoming themes
+ Advance noti...

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Personal Meditations
A one-on-one Skype with me for half an hour. It can be your own private drawing meditation session, an art tutorial, or friendly chat. 

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Wow Level
I don't have much more to offer you, but you can expect mail - an original drawing on a postcard, a handwritten note, or a surprise.

+ One-on-One Skype
+ Dra...