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I believe we all share a similar longing -- to find ways to truly express ourselves, to claim our artistry, to get messy with paint and pastel and charcoal.

Drawing has always been central to how I express my creative voice. And it’s a humbling experience. Every piece, every sketch, each commission wrestles with the unknown.Where do I begin? Once I’ve begun to put pencil to paper or crayon to canvas, how do I continue? Was that the right mark? Was it? When is the piece complete?

To draw a landscape, a face, any form, can transcend the image or object itself. While a photograph captures the moment, a drawing includes a series of moments in one frame -- the change in breath, the variance of light, the loss of time. A good drawing can sometimes feel more alive than the object itself. Because, in some ways, it is.


Let me ask you this, have you ever had a professional artist create an original work just for you? It’s an old world practice – the Artist was commissioned and an artwork was created for someone specific. I’d like to rekindle the tradition. When you subscribe on Patreon, I’ll create an original piece of artwork just for you. But not just any piece of art. Each month you’ll get to choose the subject, plant the seed, send me the inspiration. Translation? Sign up to be a Patreon and receive an original piece of artwork inspired by you.
Yup, you heard that right.

Join my Patreon at one of the Sketch tiers and get an original work of art – every month!

Send me a photograph, a portrait, a poem, a song, a story, a voicemail, absolutely anything goes, and I'll create a drawing based on your prompt. When I'm done, its all yours to keep. Choose to have a digital copy or the original and boom, you are now a bonafide art collector.

Your support will make a tremendous shift in the kind of work I do as well as the time I allocate to work at my studio. You’ll infuse my work with fresh inspiration and keep me sketching every day. 

Basically, becoming a Patreon subscriber means that you get two really good deals for the price of one.

Good deal #1: You get to say smart things like, “We’re living in a technophile, elitist dystopia where human contact is now a luxury good. So in the meantime, I’ve supported the talents of one Wesley Cabral, an exceptional artist of our time. You must be familiar with him, yes?” All this said, while you nibble on a damn good Ritz cracker with cheese, guzzling red wine from a box.

Good deal #2: You get your very own original piece of artwork every month inspired by something in your very own life.


Pledge at the Sketch or Color Sketch tiers - choose if you would like a digital photo or mailed original copy of your drawing.

The drawings will be loose and fresh with a feeling of immediacy. I'll pull inspiration from your prompt. It’s like getting to keep a page out of my sketchbook each and every month. Not sure what to send me? Here’s a few ideas to get your ink brush wet:

  • A self portrait
  • A family photo
  • A song
  • Any landscape
  • An animal (maybe a pet)
  • Your latest Instagram post
  • A dream you had

Let your imagination run wild.

Once you've subscribed, I'll send instructions for easy ways you can share your inspiration with me. Check out my posts below for examples of the kinds of drawings I'll create for you.

You can also go to my website to see a full portfolio of my work ~ wesleycabral.com

Interested in commissioning a larger drawing? Send me a message and we’ll talk.

Thank you for keeping art alive.

Long live the pencil,
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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