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About DERB

All characters depicted are 18 years old or older.  There are no children or lolicons (which, frankly, confuses me with children).  There are also no depiction of death or extreme violence (a knockout punch with no blood or bruising is allowed).  The NSFW depicted never involves the demise of beautiful women, but it might for supporting characters or men (might change in the future).  

You must be 18 years old or above to be here, view these materials, and be my patrons.

Just making sure you know, Patreon will only charge you on the 1st day of the following month.  The comics are digital only and comes out on the 5th of each month, usually it takes a few days for payment to be fully processed.  After pledges are fully charged on the 5th of the month you will receive the comics you pledged for sometime in the following 7 days.  Delays are to be expected due to price and/or the artist of the expected comic facing a personal issue.

Just so you know, the current amount of income only lets me release two completed comics in a year and maybe a black and white comic in between so I don't have that many comics as I only began on November 2016. The comics are released to patrons backwards starting from the latest to the oldest, each month releasing the previously released comic. If a new comic is coming out, that cuts in on the subsequent month and the next month returns to the process of giving patrons the older comic that was in queue.

This Patreon is only to fund me in the creation of adult comics, both original and parody, which in turn funds and supports artists and colorists when I commission them.  The amount you pledge goes a long way in helping me bring dreams come true.  Please spread the word and help support me, but only do so if you enjoy the work I write and commission/produce.  If there's enough support, it might be your comic I'll fund, if it is to my liking.

All artists have a limit to how many pages they are willing to draw for a comic and I have a limited amount of funds.  I am aiming my comics to be at the minimum pages of 6, and minimum amount of pages is average, depending on how much the artist charges, and not anything lower for quality's sake.  Help me reach my goals and I will be raising the number of pages to the max of what an artist is willing to draw.  There are black and white comics that will be released in between comics and these will eventually be colored and released as a full comic. 

I am writer and editor of these comics.  I am only the writer and editor.  I do not draw.  The artists and colorists I commission are the ones I enjoy the most.  They are talented artists and with your help I can afford to commission comics and give them more awareness.  

My comics will include these:
- Lots of NFSW (cramming in as much as I can with the limited pages I'm working with).
- Lots of peril (the peril gives it a little flavor).
- A beautiful heroine (who is of course at the center of the whole thing).
- A variation in bondage, tentacles, vore (to a certain degree), slime, and other things I enjoy
If you want to see all of this, support me and I will get them going.
- Less plot and more NSFW moments due to lack of funds.

My comics DOES NOT include these:
- Brutality (I do not like to see beautiful women marred in any way).
- Death (despite perils my heroines don't die).
- Futanari (arguable if a female slime monster growing a male genitalia counts).
- Scat.
- Children or lolicons.
- And anything I do not like or find disgusting.

Again, my comics at the moment are planned to be short, 6 pages at the minimum, and to the point as possible and one-shots mainly.  I am thinking about a series but I need more funding for more pages.  I hope someday with enough funding coming through I can commission an artist to create their own comic and character and make their dream come true. Let's help make dreams come true.  

Thank you so much for your time in reading this and I hope you support me to keep this dream alive for as long as I'm alive.

If you know any artists that takes NSFW comic commissions and I might like, please post their name and affiliated sites in my DeviantArt account.

DeviantArt account: deviantart [dot] com drb7364

List of finished comics:

$365.64 of $450 per month
Two interactive comics.
I will work on two interactive comics simultaneously but each page will alternate between each comic per month.  One month will be one page of a comic, the next month will be one page of the other comic.  This will require two different artists.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 159 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 159 exclusive posts

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