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The purpose of this page is to provide you the opportunity to "balance out" the exchange between you and me. If you feel compelled to donate money in exchange for what you determine to be valuable information that I have provided for free on my YouTube channel, then this is the opportunity. 

Many people have completely reversed their poor health condition by applying what I say on my YouTube channel. In the meantime, they have provided large funds to their medical doctors while giving zero to myself, the person that actually helped them. 

Do I need your money? No.
Will I accept it? Yes. With a big hearty "Thank You!"  
If you can't afford to donate, then just give me a big "thank you" on my YouTube comment sections.  I get a lot of support, love, encouragement, advice, and knowledge from my YouTube commenters. That is enough to keep me going! 

Reasons why you might donate:
1) To extend your "thanks" into a physical symbol of gratitude.
2) To exchange back for the valuable information you have been enlightened with.
3) Because your health is much better and you feel I deserve a little something in return for the positive health benefits you have received.
4) To donate some money for the production of my book that I am paying someone else to write, edit, and design based on the knowledge I've gained in my career. 
5) To support the research effort I go through on a daily basis. Other researchers get loads of money from the government or industry. I only get money from my active patients.  

To recap: I'm happy to say I don't need your money but if you ever thought you wanted to send some support to me because I've supported you, then please do so and we will both feel good about it. I'll keep researching and sharing my information because it's my life purpose! 
Thank you!
-Dr. Schmidt

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