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Hi, I'm Marshall Burns. I like to make stuff, especially music and games. Here's my incredibly crude website:


Oklahoma, USA

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The Dream & Shadow Huntsman Group is a music project I've been working on in my spare time for a little over 10 years. At one time there were other members, but it's mostly been just me playing all the instruments (and "Group" stayed in the name just because).

It's unusual music. Fearless music for adventurous ears. The arrangements are sort of orchestral; rather than a single central melody with backup, every song is an intricate filigree of distinct melodies that weave with each other. It's dense, because I like dense. The structures are non-standard. It has magic in it, and also sometimes banjos.

I like Baroque music, and Bluegrass, and Delta blues, and progrock, and folk music, and Nick Drake, and Tom Waits, and Donovan, and Captain Beefheart, and it all shows. I wear my influences on my sleeve, so if you like those things then you'll find something to like here. For a sample that's pretty representative of the style and range, here's some songs you can download from my Google Drive . Also, here's some YouTube videos a friend of mine recorded of me 6 years ago (though please keep in mind these were done spur of the moment, and also 6 years ago).

I've never managed to make much money with my music. It's not the kind of music that you can play in most bars, and it's not the kind of music that gets you signed to a major label. But honestly I don't make it for money; I make music because I have a need to.

It is my most basic ambition that this Patreon will enable me to continue spending my time making music instead of taking a second job. Beyond that, I will use the earnings to upgrade my recording equipment (which is horribly crude) or possibly even record in an actual studio, and hire musicians to play instruments that I don't know how to play (I would really like to be able to feature cellos and clarinets pretty regularly, for instance).

Once I get really going with this (probably not until September), I expect to be able to release one song per week, with probably a week off per month to recharge. Less than ideal circumstances (illness, equipment failure, tornadoes, etc.) may slow that schedule down, but it will never be more than one per week.

If you have any questions or anything, contact me. My email is [email protected], and I'm on Google+ all the time (look for Marshall Burns with the fedora, jacket, and red shirt, as in the picture here) so consider adding me.

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