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About DaydreamingDean


Thank you very much for visiting this page. This is Dean, a Hong Kong resident who is very creative and talented on bring my imagination stuffs to reality.

To position first, I am not a professional artists, and I am not doing the illustrations or 3d modeling business for living, not at the moment. But I am happy to create something I like from scratch. And all the stuffs I am learning on the fly.

The most exciting thing I am currently working on, is creating toys such as car, action figures and miniatures, I could master the work flow from modeling to 3d printing, I still feel amazing!!

At the moment, I am working on a mini-figures project, which the printable files is going to be uploaded to the Thingiverse after the Kickstarter campaign was completed. I believe a lot of people, especially Hong Konger will be exciting for the designs. 

I look forward to develop the designs skills and I hope, I could master the designs, manufacturing, and spreading the knowledge to the others through social networks. 

Please follow me on the Patreon, it’s will be nice to stay connected. If you become my patron, it will definitely help for fundings what I am doing, may be it could help me to free up some time from working overtime on my jobs, to focus on creating stuffs.

Please leave any comment, I see you later.




我一直嘗試去畫唔同嘅3D作品,例如玩具車、action figure、棋子、仲有而家做緊嘅迷你figure;我對每次做到成品嘅原形出嚟,都感到非常嘅興奮

今次嘅迷你figure project,我相信好多人都會感到興趣,尤其對於香港人,特別會有共鳴;呢個project稍後時間當Kickstarter眾籌完畢後,會陸續放上Thingiverse開放俾大眾下載


請在Patreon follow我,保持聯繫;如果您成為我的patron,你金錢上嘅絕對會對我所做緊嘅創作有一定嘅支持,好可能有效減低我依賴自己正職上OT帶嚟嘅收入同所損失嘅創作嘅時間

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If I achieve 500 patrons, I will add Tier 2 patrons, setting up a membership, who become a member will receive a welcome gift such as custom made T-shirt or phone cases(TBC), and enjoy more benefits such as purchasing or obtaining a copy of the prototypes or product I designed.

如果訂閱人數得到500人,我會加入Tier 2選項,屆時將會成立會員制度;成為會員將會得到迎新禮物,例如專屬T-shirt或手機殻(待定);同時亦會享有其它福利例如訂購或換取在下所設計的原型或作品。
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