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Hey there--Alan here, aka DreamSmith.  If you're reading this then you've probably read some of my fanfiction (it's possible you've read ALL my fanfiction; some of you are hard-core like that ^_^).  If so, then you know that I take my writing seriously: I don't want to waste the reader's time with something that isn't well-written, and I always want to give you a story that's entertaining.  I love doing that, and I've been doing it for years now, albeit with frequent long hiatuses, sometimes months, sometimes years.
But I'm trying to do better.
I want to be able to write every day.
I want to move my fanfic stories along, and get to all the awesome bits that I've been imagining for so long, but have never managed to write down for you to see.
I also want to do more original stories and publish them on Amazon; I've a handful there, but there are tons of things I'd love to do--a Superhero world of my own, a high-fantasy world set in an odd little place I've thought up, even a Sci-Fi space opera deal, about an all-female race of psionic space-chicks who are bent on conquering the universe (no, really).

I want to do all this, and more besides (I've got stories and series in mind for Buffy, Stargate, and Harry Potter that I've not even had a chance to start on).

If you're able, and willing, I'd very much appreciate your help in doing this.
I spend my nights loading and unloading cargo aircraft (while daydreaming about stories and characters), and that's fine, but it doesn't quite cover the bills. Rather than getting a second job at a hardware store or something (been there and done that!), I'd love for writing to be my second job.
If you, my patrons, can help me make ends meet, then I will be a very happy writer indeed, and I'll do my best to provide you with interesting and entertaining stories, featuring both your favorite characters, and some new ones.

My fanfiction is posted on both Twisting the Hellmouth and AO3, and my Amazon stuff is listed under the name A.J. Kalliver.

I am, of course, deeply thankful for your interest in my work, and profoundly grateful for any level of support you might choose to offer.


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